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What Racing Drivers say

Motion Simulation work with leading racing drivers to constantly develop and improve their products. Here are just a few drivers that we have worked with and what they think of our products.
Jamie Chadwick
Veloce Formula W World Champion and Extreme E driver
its so important to use a high tech simulator such as this one.  Its a huge part of my preperation for race weekends.
Formula W, Extreme E and Esports
Our driver line up includes Formula 3 drivers and the Formula E World Champion, Jean-Eric Vergne.  These drivers, amongst many others, have used our TL3 simulator on many occasions  for track familiarisation and practise which makes it a crucial element of our strategy and business going forward.
james baldwin
British GT Championship and McLaren Shadow driver
I'm racing across a variety of different platforms from F1 to GT to Saloon cars and it gives me the ability to change driving position to suit what i am racing is extremely important.
sam tordoff
British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) runner up
Make no mistake, this is serious simulation equipment – these state of the art simulators are the closest driving experience you will come across to the real thing

What the Press say

Quite frankly, it puts the TL3 into a different league… the added pitch, roll and heave give you an even greater sense of immersion.
The ultimate video game accessory...
...Group Test Winner
the most incredible gaming simulator we've ever experienced...

What our Customers say

Sarah B - As cool as anything and the drive experience felt nothing like a simulation, it was total immersion, I was truly there.
Simon Shouts  - This is probably the best racing simulator experience a non rich person can afford.The motion feedback you get is breathtaking. It`s great fun to keep pushing your car more and more as the tires heat up.
drifter112 - the driving experience is as close as you can get to driving a real F1 racing car on a real track. The whole experience was incredible and so life like.
SChristina 140 - And all i can say is wow! The steering wheel, screens everything makes it feel so real. The added element of having headsets made it a good laugh with the other people in the room. It really is as close to Formula 1 as I'll ever get.