Motion Simulation Room

Adrenaline fuelled experiences for private individuals and corporate events, Motion Simulation Room is the most realistic simulator room experience available with significant revenue potential.

Serious simulators for serious business

Motion Simulation are the worlds most advanced Racing Car Simulators, incorporating world first, bleeding edge technologies.  

Our showcase Motion Simulation Room opened in London which lead to significant investment in this product as a modular simulation experience space. We aim to support our partners for life and offer a partnership based investment opportunity to those serious about business. Here is our website used for Motion Simulation Room
  • Pedals, steering and gear controls
  • Professional seat trim and seat back graphics
  • Rigid and integrated monitor stand
  • Upto 3 axis of motion
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Motion simulation TL3 simulation room
Driving Motion Simulation TL3 advanced simulator
Overhead view of TL3 Motions Simulators
TL3 Simulators

World Leading design

The TL3 is an F1 simulator, GT simulator and driving simulator in one compact and highly immersive design.

World’s first 200 degree, spherical projector screen and variable driving position cockpit, the Motion Simulation TL3 delivers an unrivalled, immersive, simulation experience that ensures customers come back time and time again.

World leading simulation room design.  We design and manufacture all aspects of Motion Simulation Room, ensuring full integration and seamless operation.

Access to business plans, models and projections
Room packages

Marketing and Management

The Motion Simulation Room package includes significant Media targeting key demographics in the locality of your location.  We also recruit and train all members of staff to run your facility.

Huge marketing strategies, proven to deliver footfall to each location.

Excellent management and sim room operators, its in our interests to get this right!

Full Management Software, networking all simulators together controlled by the sim room operators.
partnership programme

Long Term Partnerships

A partnership programme ensures that we have a vested interest in the success of each Motion Simulation Room.A MSR
Partner can expect;

Ongoing enhancements in hardware and software technologies.

Sharing best practice among partners

Ongoing training, to the highest standard.

The bottom line

We choose our partners carefully. After all, with our partnership royalty we expect to be working profitably together for a long time.

Why Motion Simulation Room?
Motion Simulation is a market leader. We develop world first technologies, we set the standard where others follow.

The Racing Car Simulation businesses is extremely profitable, but typically requires significant up-front investment. We share business plans and projections with partners to assist with business planning.

From finding the right location and planning approvals, Motion Simulation Room takes between 9 to 12+months to launch. Location is critical and for US locations we have a defined roll out path. We will consider other markets if the business case and people involved are to the right standard.

Partnership or Franchise
We currently only offer a Partnership Joint Venture option. We want to sustain absolute quality through our locations and for this reason we do not currently offer a franchise option. If you are serious and you have sufficient funds behind you, please contact us regarding a potential partnership.

If you are serious about investing, please use the contact form to the right.
  • Pedals, steering and gear controls
  • Professional seat trim and seat back graphics
  • Rigid and integrated monitor stand
  • Upto 3 axis of motion
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