Motion Simulation Partnerships

We are delighted to be working with or have worked with some of the leading, most innovative brands in their respective sectors. If you would like to become a partner with Motion Simulation, please contact us via our FAQ & CONTACT form
Veloce Esports is a world leading gaming organisation focused on innovating within the racing esports space. With over 190 million video views per month, a Board Team that includes Adrian Newey and some of the leading drivers in Esports - they are pioneering the racing esports community by creating competitive teams, exciting events and exciting content. Rupert and Jack (both ex Formula 3 drivers) chose the TL3 simulator having extensively evaluated every competitor in the market and have used their TL3 for Veloce professional driver training and assessment since 2018. For 2021, Motion Simulation become Veloce's official simulator hardware provider. See full press announcement here. Veloce website
Brawn GP Formula One Team,  was a Formula One constructor that won the Constructors Championship and Jenson Button won the Drivers' Championship. They are the only team with a 100% record in both championships the team became Mercedes Grand Prix. Motion Simulation Ltd was developing a highly advanced, high band width, ultra low latency full motion simulator at that time (code named TL8) and we collaborated with the simulator engineers at Brawn GP, sharing our development information and data with real life telemetry data from one of their cars at Silverstone. Elements of this development were incorporated into the TL3 simulator you see today. Link
The University of Leeds Driving Simulator (UoLDS) continues to be one of the most technically advanced driving simulator suites in use within a research environment in the world today, exploiting leading-edge motion base technology to create high fidelity and dynamic simulated driving and traffic environments. Motion Simulation benefited from full access to the simulator in order to define optimum axis of motion, bandwidths and frequency issues. It was a crucial element in defining immersive simulation and lead to the development of the TL8 concept and TL3 product. Link.
AMERICA'S #1 AUDIO COMPANY- REACHING 9 OUT OF 10 AMERICANS EVERY MONTH.  iHeart Media have been partners with Motion Simulation since 2018. With over 860 radio stations, 250 million monthly visitors and 128 million registered users iHeart MEDIA is Motion Simulations media partner for the US market. Link.
Babcock’s Emergency Services driver instructors are constantly delivering training of the highest quality – but what does the future of blue light driver training look like? In early 2016, and following an extensive period of research and development, Babcock developed and launched its blue light driver simulator with Motion Simulation Ltd; combining leading-edge technology with learning services expertise and RoSPA certified trainers to deliver a training solution that is efficient, effective and above all safe. Link.
Boeing needed an F15 Fighter Jet simulator in Saudi Arabia. We listened to our client on their specific needs and requirements and developed a solution around this. The delivered product included flight joystick, throttle controls plus rudder pedals. The exterior was made to resemble the F15 through matched colour scheme with livery and rivets.  Link.
Motion Simulation were commissioned in 2015 by Jaguar and Castrol to develop a simulator special project that would recreate the experience and critical driver input stages to drive a (virtual) Bloodhound SSC at over 1000 mph.  Our clients were two major sponsors of this Bloodhound program and wanted to have simulators that could be used at world-wide events. This particular project required us to create software from scratch with our partners to include an accurate representation of the Bloodhound SSC cockpit, accurate dials, environment, cross winds, drag coefficients and many other details that ensured the accuracy of the experience. Link.