LC Series Frequently asked questions

Our most Frequently Asked Questions relate to orders, technical and aftercare. If you cant find the answers you need below please contact us in the form below and one of the team will get back to you.
How much is a LC Series
What is the production lead time?
Do I need to pay in full now and do I pay a deposit?
Can I collect my LC Series from your factory, direct?
Do you offer finance agreements?
What software is this compatible with?
What warranty or guarantee do I have?
Can I add options to my LC after my initial order?
What other products are you planning on launching later this year?
Is the price on the website, inclusive of tax/VAT
What motion do you use in your simulator?
Do you offer a build/installation service?
Do you provide training and an assembly instruction manual?
What pedals can be installed?
What steering system can be installed?
What steering wheel options can be installed?
Is there motion included in the LC?
What power supply do I need, and how many plug sockets?
What are the LC dimensions?
What is the weight of the LC?
Can the simulator be branded or can there be a unique colour?
Is there a Technical Help Desk?
Can I purchase spare parts?
How quickly can I get technical help?
Can I use the sim in a commercial set up?