Motion Simulation Ltd buys HPP simulation Pedals

Below are all of the latest updates from Motion Simulation Ltd detailing our IP ownership and exclusive production rights on these incredible pedals including how to pre-order and product status.
Please check back here on a regular basis for all of the latest news.

UPDATE - 1st March 2023


We are pleased to announce that we have the following JBV spare parts for sale.
ITEM 1 Movement Sensors for the Accelerator and Clutch @£87.63* each.
2 Coloured Rubber Bumpers for the Brakes (Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red & Black) @£64.50* for a set of five.
ITEM 3 Single colour Bumper @ £12.90*
ITEM 4 Pressure Transducer for the Brakes @£119.03* each. *Price’s exclude VAT and shipping
SHIPPING COSTS: UK = £15.78Europe £20.60 United States £34.55.
To place an order please contact us at via the following email address
You will then receive an invoice for your order which will include any VAT/Taxes and shipping. Once this has been paid in full the items will be dispatched to you.
** All parts and shipping costs are based on actual costs with a small margin applied.  These are relatively low volume units at this time.
*** Any customs import duties or taxes to be paid by the customer
We do NOT have any other spare parts at this time. Strictly one unit per customer exc Movement sensors
These are parts for the new JBV pedals.  We do NOT have stock on any old generation PRX pedals and cannot assist on any issues for those products as we (Motion Simulation) did not sell them to you and we are not at this time manufacturing parts for these products.
 If anyone out there wishes to do a side line of maintenance for the PRX pedals and have the know how and means to manufacture small parts - please drop us a line and we may be able to provide you with the CAD for certain parts.
Thanks for your understanding
2nd August 2022 - STATUS
Motion simulation height adjustable triple tv stand and displays

JBV MODEL (shown)

This model is to be manufactured by Motion Simulation Ltd. As of 2nd August 2022 we are still in our R&D stage tweaking the design before we start prototype production. We have lots of other products in development or production ready status. We will provide updates on the JBV model here and hope to have units available for distribution before the end of 2022.

Early production will be black bodies as shown above which was the preferred option from customers. We will be asking customer to pay a 20% holding deposit soon and will announce details when this is in place. This deposit will ensure your production slot.
Motion simulation advanced cockpit ergonomics

PRX MODEL (shown)

This model was discontinued by HPP over 2 years ago.

Motion Simulation has design and IP right on this product BUT we are not going to manufacture these units at this time as our focus is on the improved and newer JBV variant.

Anyone who has purchased a set of PRX from HPP, is entitled to a 10% discount off the NEW HPP JBV units that we will be manufacturing.

Also, we are not planning any service option for this product. If anyone out there would like to do servicing on the PRX range, please drop us a message via our contact form.

UPDATE 15th March 2022

Here is a response to a customer that owns a set of PRX pedals that are 2.5 years old - from the Motion Simulation CEO. This offer applies to any current PRX owners.

Hi Randy 

Thanks for getting in contact. Motion Simulation Ltd have  used the older PRX pedals for many years in full commercial use i.e. 50,000 test drives across our  TL3 sims. We really like the PRX but there were issues with the sensors over time and with occasional  fluid leaks from the master cylinder.

 The JBV is a complete re design.  The sensors now use a  contact that is a spring loaded ball bearing vs a nylon spike on PRX and the brake cylinder pivots which means the internal piston remains linear. 

We will be manufacturing JBV units soon and then will undertake testing.  Our immediate goal now is to understand and resolve any service related issues with JBV.  

Through service recommendations or where an improvement can be made.  Overall JBV is a far more solid and robust , better designed unit than PRX and our goal is to enhance this market leading pedals even further in all aspects.

 There is A LOT of work to manufacture new pedals which is consuming a lot of time. Therefore providing spares on PRX is not a priority at this time.  We may do at some point in the future if there is a business model that makes it worthwhile – or we might provide parts to a third party to undertake repairs – we don’t know yet.  Either way it maybe 3+ months before we look at PRX support. 

To your questions and comments.  The JBV are now over 2 years old and there are many hundreds of     units in the market.  

- We have only seen a few minor issues reported to us which is great I am not sure a “lifetime” warranty is a good idea, especially if a  component has wear and tear and should be a service item.  We will look at this extensively and will provide a solid warranty and if appropriate, publish service recommendations  for JBV

- Your contract of sale is with HPP but we (MSL) want to build an ongoing relationship with HPP owners

- If you can send us some clear pictures of your pedals showing the  issues that you are having – this might help us understand sensor issues and if relevant resolve with the manufacturer of the new sensors for the JBV

- As a gesture of goodwill, we will provide current PRX owners a 10%   discount off the price of a set of JBV units.  JBV full details are on our website.  If this is of interest and   you would like to pre order a set – please message us through the    / GENERAL contact form and we will get your name down on the pre order list?  There is no cost to do this at this     time.  As we move to production,     payments will be requested.


As per earlier notifications, our priority is;

1) Manufacture all JBV parts
2) Assemble test JBV units
3) Test these units – improve if required
4) Scope out volume
5) Order and build stock
6) Start shipping 

Our intention will be to achieve stage 6 towards the end of Quarter 2 2022.  Supply will strictly be based on those customers that have pre-ordered first. 
JBV has been in production for 2 years. We have some pedal sensors, bumpers and a few other items in stock. Please message us via the following link and we will see if we can help.


These units were all sold via HPP Simulation , which is where your contract of sale is. Motion Simulation Ltd did not purchase HPP Simulation and therefore has no obligations to support these customers. Our prirotiy is manufacturing and supporting the new JBV series. If you are a HPP PRX owner and want to consider upgrading to the new JBV series, please send us a messages via the above link and we wil see if we can help you into a new set of pedals as goodwill.

Motion Simulation Ltd currently has no plans to start production of spare parts for the PRX. If we were to start looking at this it would only be where there was a strong business case to support it and ONLY after we have got fully into production of JBV in mid 2022.


Welcome to Motion Simulation the Home of HPP JBV Pedals
As you may have seen from the updates on this page, we are delighted to have taken over production and development of the HPP JBV pedals.   
Our next stages are;
1) Manufacture all parts
2) Assemble test units
3) Test these units – improve if required
4) Scope out volume
5) Order and build stock
6) Start shipping 

Our intention will be to achieve stage 6 towards the end of Quarter 2 2022.  Supply will strictly be based on those customers that have pre-ordered first. 

For customer pre-orders we will look to match or better the original retail price advertised on the HPP JBV website.  Thereafter the price will be amended in line with production costs. We do not know what final production costs are going to be yet as we are early in Stage 1. 

This means ONLY for pre orders the price will be; 
- JBV3 (3 pedal inc clutch)  = £1115
Excluding sales tax & shipping or around $1495 USD (pricing will be in UK GBP so there may be slight currency fluctuations by market)
- JBV2 (2 pedal exc clutch ) = £854
Excluding sales tax & shipping or around  $1145 USD  (pricing will be in UK GBP so there may be slight currency     fluctuations by market) 

We will know estimated shipping costs within the next couple of weeks.  The JBV are much more compact and lighter than the older PRX and therefore we are expecting shipping costs to be more competitive. 

If you would like to pre-order your pedal set – please confirm which type by contacting us via our General Contact Form and we will add your name to the pre- order list.  Please keep viewing our website for further news and production status.  No deposit will be taken at this stage but payment will be requested as we go into production. 

New HPP JBV Customer Offer In addition to the above, if you pre-order a set of our HPP JBV Pedals, we will provide you with a discount of 10% against the retail price of any of our racing car simulators.  You could be getting into the seat of an LC Series, starting at just £995 exc tax and shipping right up the mighty TL3 Series.  This 10% discount applies for 3 months from the date of your pedal pre-order and is exclusive of any other promotional discounts running at the time of order.


For all customers world-wide seeking to purchase HPP JBV pedals, we are opening an order book from today.
Please send us an email via the attached General Contact Form and we will register your interest. As detailed in our 14th Feb announcement below we are going through a rigurous production and testing process before units will be released for sale and will be including these units on our full Turn Key simulators first. Timings and updates will be provided on this page. Thank you for your patience.


Motion Simulation Ltd has today received some stock parts that we purchased from HPP. We will be using these to start our production and testing process, as we push to bring these world leading simulator pedals into full production. Our focus remains and will continue to be market leading design and innovation. We will therefore be fully reviewing every component through our rigurous testing process.
Further to our message below to current HPP JBV Owners, if you are seeking a spare part please drop us a message through the attached General Contact Form and we will see if we can help you.


Motion Simulation Ltd has today (14th February 2022) announced that it has bought HPP Simulation Pedals. Established in 2008, Motion Simulation has spent the last 14 years completing extensive R&D, working with a World Championship Formula 1 team, a leading university and professional racing drivers to develop truly world-first, market-leading technologies and products.  Established in 2014, HPP Simulation are a world leader in innovative, premium quality racing car simulation pedals.  California based HPP Simulation has decided to sell all IP and exclusive production rights on their JBV simulation pedals range to UK based Motion Simulation Ltd. Having used HPP Simulation Pedals in all of their simulator products for several years, Motion Simulation decided to buy HPP Simulation Pedals after their founder Mark Hargett announced to them that he had decided to retire.

HPP JBV Pedals
The Future of the HPP JBV are in good hands

A statement from the Founder of Motion Simulation, Jonathan Bell says “The Motion Simulation TL3 Simulator sets the benchmark for fully immersive racing car experiences and features the world’s first variable driving position cockpit and portable 200-degree spherical screen.  The LC Series Esports and Home Use simulator launched a few months ago incorporates the world’s first variable driving position cockpit and market leading ergonomics, developed in the TL3 Series. It is crucial that Motion Simulation continue to include the best possible pedals.

We have used HPP pedals since we launched the TL Series and with our simulators completing over 50,000 test drives, we know HPP deliver the very best and most durable pedal solution available. Our Variable Driving Position Cockpit is 4 simulators in 1, allowing the user to quickly move from Rally Car to Sport, to GT to Formula driving positions and the JBV pedals really take that level of immersion to a new level, with the ability to quickly and easily adjust pedal feel relevant to the vehicle type through a quick change of the damper (bumper) and pre-load.

As Mark (Hargett) has decided to retire production of these pedals by HPP will stop immediately.  Motion Simulation will start production over the coming months and then will go through a rigorous testing program before installing them as standard on their LC Pro TK simulator and in their TL Series. Once we are satisfied that production is well established we will look to sell the pedals directly from our website at

Information for existing HPP JBV Owners - February 14th 2022

The purchase of your HPP JBV pedals was done through HPP Simulation. Motion Simulation Ltd has purchased all IP and exclusive production rights on HPP Simulation Pedal products, it has not purchased HPP Simulation. Motion Simulation Ltd istaking over production of these units for its own simulators but this does notmean we are responsible for your warranty as your contract of sale was with HPPSimulation.  As it stands there is no supply on spare parts as production hasstopped at HPP.  Once Motion Simulationstarts production and once we are confident quality is good enough, we willoffer the pedals for sale worldwide and this will include spare parts.

At this time we cannot give a timeline on how long it will take to get full production in place but we will provide regular updates on this page. We do have a full list of customers that purchased HPP JBV Pedals from HPP Simulation.  Once we have spare parts available, we will update this page and make those parts available to order.  Whilst we have no obligation to provide warranty support on past sales (sold via HPP Simulation) we will look at each claim favourably with a goodwill perspective on a case by case basis.

If you have purchased your pedals 2nd hand, it is unlikely that we will provide goodwill on warranty support but we will review on a case by case basis.  HPP Simulations position was that a warranty was non transferrable i.e. not transferrable to a 2nd owner. Please do NOT email us about this, as regrettably we do not have resource to manage HPP customers. We appreciate your understanding.

Information for previous generation HPP PRX Pedal Owners - February 14th 2022

The purchase of your HPP PRX pedals was done through HPP Simulation.  Motion Simulation Ltd has purchased all IP and exclusive production rights on HPP Simulation Pedal products, it has not purchased HPP Simulation.  Motion Simulation Ltd is taking over production of these units for its own simulators but this does not mean we are responsible for your warranty as your contract of sale was with HPP Simulation Production of HPP PRX stopped in late 2019.  There is NO production planned for this product and no obligation for Motion Simulation Ltd to provide support as your contract of sale was with HPP.  Once we start production of the HPP JBV products, as a gesture of goodwill, we will look to provide original HPP PRX owners an upgrade option to the JBV product.  No commitments and we will need to see how production progresses with further information being provided through this page. Please do NOT email us about this, as regrettably we do not have resource to manage HPP customers. We appreciate your understanding.

A Statement from Mark Hargett – Founder of HPP Simulation

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 8 years developing world leading pedals for the simulation market. Starting with the PRX range in  2014 we have sold pedals world wide to race teams and private individuals and I have always been proud of being able to deliver exceptional quality and innovation at a reasonable price level. Production of the previous generation of PRX pedals stopped in late 2019.  The warranty on these items has expired.

Regrettably, there will not be future spares available for these products as HPP production has stopped.  Development of the JBV pedals started in 2019 and I am so proud of what we delivered.  Learning so much from earlier pedal development, we were able to create a product that exceeds the performance of the PRX range both in design and durability. I am really pleased I was able to sell design and exclusive IP rights on my simulation pedal products to Motion Simulation Ltd, I feel our products will remain in good hands.