full motion truck simulator for the commercial and driver training markets

Designers and manufactures of the worlds’ most immersive, highly advanced, full motion truck simulator – for commercial driving training, blue light emergency response training, driver assessment and more.

Our Truck Simulator is hand-built to client specification, meaning your specific business needs can be incorporated from scratch, as part of the integral design of the unit – not bolted on as an afterthought.

Motion Simulation Ltd boasts a prestigious pedigree, having already supplied simulators to blue chip clients, training agencies, motor manufacturers and race teams around the world, and has achieved press & TV recognition globally.


  • Worlds’ first 200’ wrap around spherical screen
  • Astonishing visuals from a 6 million pixel image
  • Professional force feedback steering
  • Fully adjustable ergonomically designed cockpits
  • Professional hydraulic pedals
  • 3 axis of motion; heave, pitch and roll
  • Driver audio headsets – for real time driver coaching
  • Highly portable, our simulators are quick to dismantle and re-build, meaning training courses can be transferred to regional locations
  • One plug, 13amp power supply

Bespoke in-house design service:

  • Exterior panels are available in a range of colours or wrapped in your corporate livery
  • Internal features can be custom designed – featuring specific dashboards, cockpits, steering wheels etc
  • Ability to integrate your own logo throughout

Motion Simulation Ltd – Commercial vehicle simulators


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