TL3 with professional racing car cockpit

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Developed through 5 years of intensive Research and Development, working with a world leading automotive university and a world championship Formula 1 team, the Motion Simulation TL3 simulator, is the ultimate Professional level simulation solution on the market today.

Incorporating numerous world first technologies, including the worlds first 200 degree, spherical projector screen and variable driving position cockpit, the Motion Simulation TL3 delivers an unrivalled, immersive, simulation experience.

The TL3 is not only stunning in design but is also highly portable with each element being meticulously considered to deliver the optimum driving experience, putting you at exactly the correct view point whether driving a Saloon, GT or Formula car. With the ability to be stripped down for carriage and quickly reassembled, the TL3 will fit through a domestic doorway to provide the ultimate simulator experience anywhere. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, production of the TL3 started in late 2014 with units already being shipped internationally to professional race drivers, Simulation Centres, training organisations and prestige motor manufacturers – anyone seeking the ultimate and most realistic simulation experience available.

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the TL3 has a stunning 6 million pixel seamless image

The most important aspect of a simulator is the visual experience. Only wrap around screen technologies, take you into a real world experience, without compromise. Covering a width of more than 2.5 meters, this stunning, single image literally wraps around you to put you right at the centre of the action.

All TL3 simulators are manufactured in the UK with our highly experienced technicians setting up each unit to a customers specific requirements. This includes the set up of the huge 5760 x 1080 pixel display, aligning three projectors for flawless colour matching with specialist software with an image file saved on to your PC.

A rigorous 200 point assembly and testing procedure is followed and signed off by every technician on every build of the TL series which means we know your simulator performs flawlessly before leaving the factory.

The premium TL screen Pod is manufactured from hand laid composites and high precision CNC bent and laser cut tubing all combined to provide a “room inside a room” environment for the most immersive experience possible in low to medium ambient room light levels.

All you do is connect up and go – all of the hard work has been done for you. Low noise level, cooling fans are pre installed at the factory to suck warm air out of the pod and into the surrounding environment.

professional racing car cockpit puts you in the centre of the action!

We spent over 6 months working with highly trained automotive technicians to develop the ergonomics for our racing car cockpit. Every aspect of the design has been considered and is unique in a world full of poorly designed compromised solutions.

The cockpit incorporates a worlds first variable driving position, which allows the user to pre select what type of car they are driving and then rotate and lock the cockpit to the correct driving position for that car. No longer will you have to drive a Formula car in an upright position or a Rally car in a lying down position, this three into one driving position technology takes your driving experience to a whole other level.

In addition to this, the steering wheel is simply adjusted to lock in place for height whilst at the same time adjusting reach so every driver whether tall or small feels totally at home, allowing them to focus on the driving.

Pedals are adjusted backwards and forward through a simple to operate, lockable slide mechanism. As the cockpit rotates, there is no need to adjust the angle of the pedals for the various car types as the cockpit rotation takes account of this foot to pedal angle change.

Gearbox options include sequential shift through steering wheel mounted paddles, automatic and manual and remote mounted sequential shift (2015).

This highly durable product has had more than 3000 test drives as part of its development process.

the TL3 motion system

TL1 video shown. New model specific videos being created now, available soon.

Having completed 8 years of development on motion technologies, working with a Formula 1 team and world leading university, we have combined all of this knowledge into the ultimate driving experience. The TL3 motion simulator.

The TL3 includes motion for the most important motion axis which are heave, pitch and roll.

Our fully integrated motion system includes electro/ mechanical actuators, strategically positioned to maximise correct pitch and roll angles whilst minimising stroke requirements. Heave motion is maximised as this is correct and representative of any road vehicle, ensuring you feel you are in a real race car at all times. Pitch and roll frequencies, angles and accelerations are matched to the initial onset generated by the actual vehicle you are driving without the detrimental effects of exaggerating, inaccurate motion angles.

Robust and lightweight, our motion includes technology that has a bandwidth of 0 to 100Hz with a peak velocity of 10cm/ sec powered by DBox technologies. Our experienced race technicians tune each set up to specific vehicle settings based on extensive experience of real world race cars. This combined with the incredible visuals, high torque, low latency steering and precise, high force hydraulic pedals make for an unbeatable driving experience.

Professional hydraulic pedals

hydraulic pedals


They do not get any better than this. Our Professional pedals solution is quite simply the best, most realistic pedal solution available in the world today, manufactured to last for years of use. Incorporating multiple width and angle adjustment with hydraulics built into the brake pedal for that all important feel – critical at the peak deceleration/ loss of traction point – braking from 180mph into a hairpin has never felt so real.

2 pedal or 3 pedal configurations are available with different dampening and force adjustments possible.

Professional steering systems

steering systems


We offer two different Force Feedback Steering wheel solutions for the TL3, providing excellent performance; functioning buttons, in built shift lights (on some models) and paddle shift with quick release mechanism.

Our S Line motor provides good feedback with a range of different steering wheel sizes according to your car type preference whilst our Professional motor generates 17Nm of torque and is used by all leading Formula 1 teams worldwide. This product generates true and accurate understeer and oversteer feel with exceptional, low latency feedback, critical to feeling the limit of the vehicle that you are driving.

Both solutions allow rotational degrees, force and dampening adjustments to be made to vehicles type.

a total software solution

Motion Simulation Ltd work in partnership with some of the worlds leading software companies to supply our customers the leading edge in simulation software.

Fundamentally we look at the core of the simulation software to ensure its physics engine is up to a suitable standard. Graphics are as lifelike as possible including laser scanning which means an accuracy of down to 1mm!

When we integrate the software into our simulators, we fine tune key aspects of the set up to maximise frame rate and performance.

Whether its car, truck, aircraft, race car or other, we have a total package solution for you.

For those clients wanting something a little more bespoke we offer an in house software development service which means we can create any content you require depending on lead time and budget. Please contact us for further information.

iRacing software

powerful PCs – multi award winning support


Our multi award winning PC partner (2010 to 2014), had developed PC systems specifically tailored for our requirements. These PC’s are unsurpassed in this field for performance and reliability.

All PC’s are pre loaded with the software in line with your requirements and then extensively tested before being shipped.

We provide a comprehensive PC Warranty with 2 Years Collect and Return.

Multi award winning PCs

Tailored transportation bags

tailored transportation bags


These new sturdy, robust transport bags are made to measure by hand and tailored specifically for your Motion Simulation simulator.  Six individual stunning looking bags include a dense foam padded insert interior to provide protection from small knocks, provide good protection from damp and have a soft lined, anti scratch interior to minimise risk of damaging your simulator composite panels.

Supplied as standard on the TL series and a cost option on other products the bags are simply secured in place in your shipping container or truck.

All motion simulation products are sold ex works. We can recommend shipping agents or discuss your delivery details with you.

We also include a full onsite installation, set up and training option, available on request.

colour choices


The TL series can be supplied in a broad range of colour combinations. Here are some of the more popular colours. Other colour options are available at additional costs.

TL Series colour options

TL3 with professional racing car cockpit – from £34,995


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