TL3 with Professional Racing Car Cockpit

from £32,995 to £39,990*


Developed through 5 years of intensive Research and Development, working with a world leading automotive university and a world championship Formula 1 team, the Motion Simulation TL3 simulator, is the ultimate Professional level simulation solution on the market today.

Incorporating numerous world first technologies, including the worlds first 200 degree, spherical projector screen and variable driving position cockpit, the Motion Simulation TL3 delivers an unrivalled, immersive, simulation experience.

The TL3 is not only stunning in design but is also highly portable with each element being meticulously considered to deliver the optimum driving experience, putting you at exactly the correct view point whether driving a Saloon, GT or Formula car. With the ability to be stripped down for carriage and quickly reassembled, the TL3 will fit through a domestic doorway to provide the ultimate simulator experience anywhere.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, production of the TL3 started in late 2014 with units already being shipped internationally to professional race drivers, Simulation Centres, training organisations and prestige motor manufacturers – anyone seeking the ultimate and most realistic simulation experience available.

*exc tax and shipping and import costs. Subject to change at any time without prior notice


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the unique TL3 pod


Developed from scratch in house, our unique ‘room within a room’ pod design, offers exceptional benefits:

  • Lightweight screen can be easily dismantled into three pieces, making it highly portable.
  • Spherical shape has the huge advantage of allowing the cockpit of the vehicle to feel closer
  • Massive screen increases field of view, thereby totally absorbing you into the experience.
  • Exterior panels can be painted in any colour, to enhance your corporate / interior design.
  • Using decals and professional wrap we can adopt any look, as per your specification.

seamless 7 million pixel image


  • Display a huge 5760 x 1080 pixel image onto the inner wall.
  • Flawless colour matching, high quality glass optics.
  • Generating a single, seamless image of nearly 7 million pixels.
  • Visuals are truly stunning.



realistic cockpits


Our unique seating system, enclosed within our ‘room within a room pod’ boasts:

  • Rotating, fully adjustable seating system.
  • GT, Touring car and F1 seating positions available at push of a button.
  • Motion Transducer… (don’t think needed now)
  • Actuators
  • Pitch, Roll and heave
  • Most durable simulator on today’s market.


motion system


Talk about D-Box system and all the techy stuff… need tech input from JB.


realistic pedels


Our Professional pedals solution is quite simply the best, most realistic pedal solution available in the world today. Incorporating multiple width and angle adjustment with hydraulics built into the brake pedal – braking from 180mph into a hairpin has never felt so real.


steering wheels


We offer two different Force Feedback Steering wheel solutions for the TL3, providing excellent performance; functioning buttons, paddle shift and quick release mechanism.

technically advanced software


Motion Simulation Ltd work in partnership with one of the UK’s most advanced & technical software developers. We have a huge amount of experience with simulation software, both in the UK and in the US.

TL3’s can be used for a broad range of applications, virtually anything is possible, and we are able to accommodate most requests from clients. (Individual quotes and timescales for specific design and development would be supplied).

powerfull PCs and graphic cards


Working with our multi award winning PC partner, we have developed a PC system that is unsurpassed in this field for performance and reliability.

customising your simulator


The exterior panels of your simulator can be painted in any colour of your choice, to enhance your corporate image or complement your interior design.

Using decals and professional wrap we can adopt any look for your simulator (we have our own design specialist or can work with you designers).<

TL3 Fully Branded

the TL3 race spec simulator – from £23,500 to £33,500


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