Motion Simulation offers peace of mind, through excellent aftersales support and a 24 month warranty on all components.



For multiple purchasers or corporate clients – agreed at purchase, and arranged shortly after delivery Motion Simulation will provide a days’ training for operators of the simulator advising them on key operation stages and fault finding solutions.

We provide extensive documentation materials & set-up guidelines for all customers for future reference (which have been complimented for their user-friendliness!).

Our products are proven to be extremely reliable, and operational issues are few and far between.  If there was a potential issue, this is likely to be a simple failure of a projector bulb or a failure of a graphics card – both of these scenarios are easily remedied, in the provision of spare parts.  We recommend that a Spare Parts pack is purchased to provide peace of mind.

Motion Simulation can provide a restore point on the PC’s with Teamviewer software that will allow remote diagnostic tests to be done, and your simulator can be provided with a 180 degree camera which can be used for remote diagnostics if required. Prices for this option application.

We can also provide a maintenance contract (subject to contractual discussion) that will cover inspections and tests on the simulator every 12 months within England.

Motion Simulation has technical staff located at its Headquarters on Slough Trading Estate, Berkshire.  This resource is available within operating hours to answer calls, handle online diagnostics or provide on-site support if required.



Motion Simulation products are provided with a standard 24 month warranty for home use and 12 month warranty for commercial use, covering faults on body panels, frames, electrics and wiring looms.

A 12 month extension on this warranty is provided as an option within the maintenance contract.

If customers want to have the simulator operating without down time, i.e. Sim centres / training centres we recommend that they carry spare parts to swap over and keep their simulator operating.