special projects

At Motion Simulation we have acquired many years of experience in motion simulator technology, design and manufacturing many simulator special projects. We work with partners in many industry segments and have experience in developing simulators for many specialist applications. Please let us know if you have simulator special project requirement that you are seeking.


bloodhound simulator


Motion Simulation were commissioned in 2015 by Jaguar and Castrol to develop a simulator special project that would recreate the experience and critical driver input stages to drive a (virtual) Bloodhound SSC at over 1000 mph.  Our clients are two major sponsors of this Bloodhound program and wanted to have simulators that could be used at world-wide events.

This particular project required us to create software from scratch with our partners to include an accurate representation of the Bloodhound SSC cockpit, accurate dials, environment, cross winds, drag coefficients and many other details that ensured the accuracy of the experience.

We event created a very accurate steering wheel to closely match that of the real vehicle.

Click here for a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaRWIhsQmbU




helicopter, cockpit development


We were commissioned to develop a single seat helicopter simulator for a client. This simulator special project development focused on high quality controls with excellent resistance, integrated collective and a trim release function.

The cockpit needed to be functional and include excellent ergonomics to be incorporated within one of our screen pods for visual display and yet allow enough space for a HUD.




boeing F15 fighter jet


Boeing needed an F15 Fighter Jet simulator in Saudi Arabia.

We listened to our client on their specific needs and requirements and developed a solution around this.

The delivered product included flight joystick, throttle controls plus rudder pedals. The exterior was made to resemble the F15 through matched colour scheme with livery and rivets.

This simulator special project did not require low frequency full motion but had integrated high frequency motion. Click here for a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5Psonmh0GQ

Special motion simulator projects - Boeing F15 Fighter Jet