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TL Series professional simulator
TL Series

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Series TL Series
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ScreenPod TL3
Room inside a room design
Image Field of View (FOV) 200º
Worlds first portable,spherical screen
Total pixel count (in millions) 6
Image performance in;
high, ambient (non direct) light conditions Good
medium, ambient (non direct) light conditions Great
low, ambient (non direct) light conditions Great
Glass fibre composite panels (full set)
Glass fibre composite panels (partial)
Advertising potential through body wrap Great
Black, CNC, laser cut , steel frame
Silver, CNC, laser cut , steel frame
Multi adjustable projector shelf
Premium shelving system
Wide range of exterior panel colours
Small range of exterior panel colours
Interior of panels blacked out
Factory set up image blend package
Works with most Direct X & OpenGL
Integrated heat extraction system
Detachable nose cone for PC access
Racing car cockpit TL3
Variable driving position. Lockable in the following positions;
Saloon car
GT car
Formula car
Ergonomically designed racing car cockpit
Black, CNC, laser cut, steel frame
Silver, CNC, laser cut, steel frame
Ergonomic designed, rigid lock, steering frame
Adjustable steering wheel plate for reach and tilt
Professional level force feedback steering system with 17Nm of torque and paddle shift
Pro 3 pedal set with hydraulics
Pro 2 pedal set with hydraulics
Integrated cable management
Motion system for Racing car TL3
Axis of Motion (directions of movement) 3
Total stroke of motion (approx in mm) 40
Maximum pitch and roll angle (degrees) 6
Maximum acceleration 2G
Multi adjustable settings
Sound TL3
Premium, wireless headphones
5.1 Surround sound with 500 watt amp
Professional level PC
S level PC
Multi award winning customer support
Soft feel casing
Colour coded option
Power supply and connectivity TL3
Industrial level power supply
Integrated surge protection
Integrated cable management
Premium HDMI cables
Handmade wiring loom
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Cost options TL3
Professional steering wheel GT car –  or swap for Formula wheel
Professional steering wheel Formula car  £995
Professional standard PC £3000
S Line PC, high performance solution na
Upgrade from S Line to Pro Line PC na
Pro 3 pedal set with hydralics £495
Pro 2 pedal set with hydralics
Manual gearbox 2016
Sequential shift gearbox
Spares package for commercial use. Subject to discussion, based on spec
Manufacturers 24 month warranty
12 month Extended Warranty £950
Branding wrap. Please contact us for advice.
Transportation solutions TL3
All products sold ex works (customer organises transport arrangements). We can recommend different international sea or air freight options.
Padded and branded transportation bags. £1595
Transportation castors to aid pod movement. £100
Shipping options ;
International shipping container
International Air Freight
International installation, set up and on site training
Costs for all shipping and installation options, discussed on a case by case basis.
Technical information TL3
Simulator Total Width 2.7m
Simulator Total Height 1.9m
Simulator Total Length 2.3m
Minimum size doorway for access; Width 80cm
Minimum size doorway for access; Height 195cm
Min turning circle of major parts when disassembled 200cm
Largest single part dimensions; Width 67cm
Largest single part dimensions; Height 195cm
Largest single part dimensions; Length 200cm
Total weight (approx figures) 300kg
Voltage @120v to 230v
13 Amps
Power consumption < 3Kw Peak

< 1.6Kw Avg

Image resolution in pixels 5760×1080
Specialist cockpit types TL3
Truck Please contact Motion Simulation direct to discuss custom build & special projects
Road car Please contact Motion Simulation direct to discuss custom build & special projects

TL Series

TL Series motion simulator

Key features
Full room inside a room design for optimum light control
Professional simulator and home simulator
3 axis of motion
Worlds first 200º wrap around screen
Worlds first variable driving position cockpit


3 axis of motion

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From £49,995*