motion simulation room

adrenaline fuelled experiences for private individuals and corporate events, Motion Simulation Room is the most realistic simulator room experience available with significant revenue potential.

In today’s sophisticated leisure market there is a growing desire for adrenaline fuelled experiences for private individuals and for corporate clients looking to inspire staff and impress customers.  A simulation centre furnished with kit from Motion Simulation is like no other… a prestigious destination; exhilarating, memorable, unique.

Your Motion Simulation Room could be set up as a race centre running a 1979 Formula 1 Car, Porsche Cup Cars or a Rally Car the next – the flexibility is endless which means you are able to offer entirely different themed days with your marketing message and opportunities, ever changing and fresh.

Only Motion Simulation products generate the level of immersion and experience that creates significant revenues. Not only does our simulator room provide your customers with the most realistic simulation experience available, but the variety of simulation controls and software options, enhanced by our (worlds first) variable driving position cockpit and professional standard controls, means your repeat business opportunity will be significantly higher than any other product in the market.

Maximise your income potential by incorporating a Motion Simulation Room into your bar, restaurant, conference or entertainment centre.

Please take a look at our world-wide showcase of Motion Simulation opened in early 2016 in the UK

Subject to receiving confirmation of a viable location, our professional team can review your space and advise on a tailor made simulator room package for you, including recommendations for lighting, walkways, railings and a video wall. Our team of PC specialists are on hand to integrate computer servers with full technical back up and support with a range of the most advanced, fully licensed, simulation software available.

Every customer’s requirements are different and that’s why we are here to assist you each step of the way. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


professional simulator room design service


Our designers can take any space and incorporate a Motion Simulation Room to suit your requirements, working with our installation team who have years of experience to maximise efficiency and minimise lead times.


fixtures and fittings


The Motion Simulation Room package includes video walls with 24/7 operation projectors, railings, floors, walkways, everything you need to get you simulation business up and running.

Simulator branding



We will provide you with a full range of Motion Simulation Room banners and advertising boards. If you require something different, we can also create bespoke branding options whether that is branding the simulators themselves or the space around it. Please contact us for further information.