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EVO Magazine said…  Quite frankly, it puts the TL3 into a different league…the added pitch, roll and heave give you an even greater sense of immersion. “


EVO Magazine is quite possibly the worlds best performance car magazine. For their 200th edition they have devoted a whole page to Motion Simulation.  is just part of what EVO said.

The TL3 Pro is now available, please contact us for further details.

Evo magazine


Wired Magazine is internationally regarded as the leader in innovative technology journalism. We are delighted to have won the simulator group test in this months edition.

The TL1 was demonstrated by one of our clients who had to keep a low sound level on the day. Fan noise is not an issue when the sound is set at normal levels.

TL1 in Wired magazine

Wired said the following on the original TL1 which was our non motion simulator.  Even though it was none motion, it still won the group test scoring 8/10 vs the two full motion simulators from Vesaro (7/10) and AEON (6/10)…  In 2015 Motion Simulation launched their full motion TL3 simulator, taking our products into a different league…

Motion Simulation TL1

Whereas the other simulators tested are based around a cockpit-like chassis, the TL1 is more enclosed. The shell houses three projectors beaming an ultra-wide image in front of you. The seat slides up and down so you can quickly move from standard car positions to the more extreme angles of an F1 car. The TL1 offers the most immersive racing experience of all the simulators we tested, although the noise from the computer, projectors and many fans became intrusive.

WIRED Immersive experience; sort-of portable design

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