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Founded by Jonathan Bell, Motion Simulation Ltd was started in 2008 to provide a fresh and no compromise approach to Simulator design.

Five solid years of intense R&D followed, working with experts from across the simulation, race and flight industries, the company launched its first product, the TL1 racing simulator to great worldwide acclaim by press and public alike. Trading and Sales started in late 2013.

The second product launch took place in late 2014, the TL2 and TL3 simulators replace the TL1 both adding fully integrated motion systems, including pitch, roll and heave motion. In early 2015 the 200 series versions come to market – offering even more customer choice and flexibility to different business sectors.

The company is currently based just west of London, UK, within easy reach of London Heathrow Airport, and prides itself on its design and manufacturing processes, which deliver the highest quality products to a demanding and diverse customer base. Motion Simulation has achieved significant TV and press coverage, and continues to grow – whilst remaining true to its original dream – to design and build the most absorbing and rewarding simulation experience possible.

What the press say about the designers and manufacturers of motion simulation products



Jonathan Bell, Motion Simulation’s founder has owned and run some of the worlds best racing cars and has extensive experience of how a car feels on the limit of traction, so critical in maximising performance.

Motion Simulation work in partnership with some of the world’s leading simulation experts, and source only the highest quality parts and components that have been rigorously tested over years of development with over 3,000 test drives, ensuring customer satisfaction and product reliability.

Our products unique and ground-breaking design, have now been recognised and purchased by large companies around the world, and our TL1 and TL3 simulators are in use as far and wide as Saudi Arabia, India, the United States and Europe, but our home remains in the UK, where we are proud of our Great British design and build standards.

our headquarters


Visitors are welcome, by appointment, to our UK Headquarters, where we always have demonstrator models to test drive, and where all our manufacturing is done and quality tested.

We are based just west of London, 20 minutes from Heathrow Airport, with easy access from the M4 and M25 motorways.

For international visitors wishing to combine a visit to Motion Simulation with a meeting or conference, we are just 10 minutes from the majestic historical town of Windsor, which offers fantastic conference facilities, luxury hotels and a wide range of visitor attractions, including Windsor Castle that will enhance any international business visit.

Slough Headquarters


our design philosophy


unique concept | expert partners | designed & manufactured entirely in the UK


Quite uniquely, our products have been designed from scratch. Unlike many other products on the market today, our simulators are not a PC with a series of screens bolted together…  Far from it!  After 5 years of R&D working with race teams (including a World Champion F1 team), top commercial and ex-military pilots and one of the world’s leading universities who specialises in simulation technology, we finally felt ready to bring our products to market – and the response we have received has been fantastic.

the design process


Motion Simulation began by designing a race car simulator; flight and special custom projects have developed later.

Bell says “The simulator had to look good, automotive but not car specific.  It had to have significant branding potential, so that it could easily adopt different looks.  Essentially, it needed a minimum 180 degree, spherical, projector screen (the final design, actually incorporates a 200 degree screen – the world’s first).  I also decided that a fixed driving position was not good enough. You never quite feel totally immersed in a simulator when you’re forced to sit bolt upright with very little adjustability and our research confirmed this”.

“We wanted to accommodate all drivers – from small to very tall – again, this is not usual in standard simulator design – and we wanted to be able to rotate them through various driving positions, no mean feat.  It’s quite a challenge to build a car with a good driving position, quite another to build a simulator with several …but we now know we’ve got it right and our variable driving position is the world’s first of its type”.

“I’m really excited about the products we have launched so far – our simulators offer something really new, very real, completely different and exciting into the market place.  Our customers can be sure that not only will they be buying into true British innovation and design but we will seek to forge a long term relationship with them for many years to come through our ongoing evolution and introduction of new no compromise products, and ever evolving software. 

“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery” – our products offer authenticity that no others can, and a quality guaranteed through build from the ground up.  Whether it’s the TL2, TL3 or our 200 versions, our simulators are hand built with care, by our technical experts.

Design process

simulators save you money


Fuel, Insurance, Public Liability, and Maintenance costs – all eliminated by our simulators: Motion Simulation simulators more than replicate ‘real’ vehicles for training, product launches, staff awareness days, and race prep – in a safe, clean environment, which is easy to manage and not subject to changing weather conditions.

Events are easier to plan, as the risks of adverse weather are eradicated, and the inconvenience of cancelled events or interrupted schedules is removed.  Vehicles cannot break down or get damaged during mass training programmes, so ongoing fleet maintenance budgets can be massively reduced.

Fleet insurance and Public Liability costs can be reduced as training or entertainment takes places in a safe environment, away from the hazards and risks of real roads.

Think about fuel saving on and off the track.  Consider the reduction in accident repair bills and components, once training takes place within a virtual world – vehicle downtime is eliminated.  Nervous staff or customers can be treated sympathetically with tailored or softened road and driving conditions.

Circuit costs are forever on the increase and can swallow a huge proportion of a race team’s annual budget – think how effectively this budget could be used elsewhere, if race prep and lap practise is simulated.

Environmental concerns

simulators and “green issues”


With increasing corporate responsibility, and consumers demanding a more sustainable ethos from companies they purchase from, switching to the use of simulators instead of ‘real’ vehicles is the obvious approach.

Think about reducing fuel emissions on and off the track, and the positive message this sends to your customers in marketing and promotional materials.

Motion Simulation helps your company to achieve its ‘green targets’.

customising your simulator


Unlike any other simulator on the market, our products boast a beautifully styled, ergonomic exterior housing to our unique 200 degree projector screen – creating an eye-catching and ultra-modern look – and providing the opportunity to brand your unit.  The exterior of the pod can be painted in any colour, with any branding, décor or decals to suit your exact requirements.

Promoting your company name or logo is vital, but can be expensive and reach limited audience numbers. Trade shows often attract visitor numbers into the 100,000s – our simulators offer a unique way to promote your brand to these huge audiences, maximising return on often shrinking marketing budgets.

Designed to attract attention, draw a crowd and to get people intrigued by what’s going on inside the simulator, there is huge scope to add excitement to your brand:

If you are attending an event – or want to entertain important clients, our products offer flexible and exciting communication opportunities that will not disappoint. Externally, the stunning design and huge branding surface areas mean you can communicate your brand, advertising, or corporate message in a new way to important audiences. Internally, choose from Touring, GT or Formula driving positions with pre-defined timed sessions or set up a competition. Alternatively you may want to offer flight or first person shooter simulation – the choice is yours, the result is guaranteed; people talking about and getting excited about your brand.

We are happy to discuss any personal requests and ideas, and share with you our experience. All branding is done by a specialist team who will liaise with your marketing department or brand agency to comply with all your corporate identity requirements, and perfectly match your company name, logo or other design.

Branded simulators