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Total immersion without compromise

The TL1 simulator has been specifically designed from the ground up to bring a fresh and innovative approach to Racing, Flight and First-Person-Shooter Simulation.

Housing the world’s first 200 degree, spherical projector screen* and variable driving position cockpit, the Motion Simulation TL1 offers an unrivalled, immersive, simulation experience. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK in cooperation with the Ariel Motor Company — creator of one of the world’s fastest cars, the Ariel Atom — the simulator appeals to a broad range of users, including professional race drivers, gaming enthusiasts and those seeking the ultimate and most realistic simulation experience available.

The unique seating system* can be rotated to go from Touring and GT car positions to Eurofighter, up to the extreme seating angles of a Glider or Formula 1 car. Running the best simulation software titles that include laser-scanned racing circuits, accurate to within 2mm, the Motion Simulation TL1 replicates the full driving experience, down to every bump in the road.

*Patent pending

Full wrap around screen

Following extensive research and developed from scratch in house, this lightweight screen can be easily dismantled into three pieces, making it highly portable. The spherical shape has the huge advantage of allowing the cockpit of the car/ aircraft to feel closer and increases your vertical field of view, thereby, absorbing you into the experience.

Professional standard projectors

Flawless colour matching, high quality glass optics and warranted 24/7 operation are what set our Professional level projectors apart from everything else. Generating a single, seamless image of nearly 7 million pixels, we have undertaken tests lasting thousands of hours to prove these products are without equal. There are also standard 6 million pixel and no projector (supply your own) options available.

Variable driving position

The unique seating system* can be rotated to go through various rotating positions, absorbing you in the simulation experience. The cockpit includes a Motion Transducer option that operates in a far more accurate and efficient way than bass shakers (speakers). The actuators push the floor up and down from all corners, directly transmitting road and engine reverberation to the driver.

Professional controls

Motion simulation provides a comprehensive range of extensively researched and tested controls including steering wheels and pedals* These products provide the very highest levels of realism, feel and durability. Compatible with a broad range of game controllers including Logitech and Thrustmaster.


We have a huge amount of experience with simulation software. All of our plug and play packages of products are supplied with the most premium of software titles meaning all you will need to do is click and play.

PC and graphics cards

For those customers seeking a fully integrated plug and play PC package, we can provide you with the worlds most powerful integrated PC solutions. Working with our multi award winning PC partner, we have developed a PC system that is unsurpassed in this field for performance and reliability. Our PC manufacturer’s Technical Department is on hand to provide you with any PC related support enquiry.

TL1 specifications

Dimensions assembled Width = 2708mm, Depth = 2355mm, Height = 1985mm, (1917mm without roof)
Max dimensions un-assembled All parts will fit through a standard door, Width
Construction Steel tubing and composites
Available colours Green, red, orange, blue, silver, white and custom full body wraps
Image resolutions 5760 x 1200 (7m pixels) or 5760 x 1080 (6 million pixels)
Projector connections HDMI, DVI, Component, Composite
Compatible software Integrated PC solution, check with us for latest information
Compatible PC OS Windows 7, XP